1er. Simposio Internacional de Dolor Pélvico en Argentina

To all Health Professionals,

Pelvic pain is an entity which is not very well-known and is difficult to approach, a challenge which appears every time more frequently. The “Cyclist Syndrome or Pudendal Nerve Neuropathy” is a cause rarely taken into account in non-infectious pelvic pathology.

For the first time in this country, we are holding this International Symposium on Pelvic Pain which will have an interdisciplinary approach in order to provide tools with which to undertake this difficult assignment.

There will be well known international and national speakers dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of pelvic pain in children, adolescents and adults of both sexes.

We hope to see you at the “Paseo La Plaza” to participate in these meetings which will focus on the discussion, debate and search for consensus.

SIDPA Organizing Committee